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"She is very compassionate and empathetic, listens to your concerns and questions, and genuinely cares. Dr. Maraio actually listens to your concerns and doesn't rush to the next patient--she spends time analyzing and diagnosing." -Carol R.

"She saved my life and she cares so much that I actually wanted to get better. I've had so many doctors tell me I am just fine, and after a while I had to tell myself 'just act fine,' but Dr. Maraio so compassionately helped me to be able to openly say 'I am not crazy' and I can get better. Awesome doctor, and she is the true example of what a doctor should be. Thank you so much." -Becky L.

"My visit with Dr. Maraio went really well. I feel she really listens to you and makes you feel very comfortable. Dr. Maraio takes a lot of time with you. Most other Doctors I have seen have been in a hurry and I always felt rushed." -LeeAnn L.

"I have had the best experience her than any doctor I've been to before. Within 1 week of changing a couple of prescriptions, feeling so much better." -Anita P.

"Dr. Maraio is very thorough. She takes the time to get to know you and addresses all of one's concerns. I have been seeing her for a year and feel better than I have felt for years. I am a 70 year old woman and feel much younger than that. I so appreciate how caring and knowledgeable she is." -Julia S.

"This is a special THANK YOU for arranging M's first apppointment as quickly as you did. The excellent timing and advice are evidence of your genuine concern for your patients. Thank you for doing what you do to help us." -M & B

"I like the fact that Dr. Maraio takes her time and explains issues in depth. Makes sound suggestions and recommendations. She is much better than regular doctors. Normal doctors do not take the same amount of time to analyse and review results, or talk to the patient." -Alexander F.

From a 13-year-old patient: "It was amazing and very helpful how she explained everything clearly. My time was great. She actually gives us answers. I didn't like how [other doctors] thought it was all in my head and they also thought it was anxiety when Dr. Maraio gave us answers." -Lynne B.

"Love her. My husband loves her. It is hard to explain how much more alive I am today!! Much more love in my life at 70!! It is so---- worth it." -Susan H.

"Fantastic, + plus, +plus, +plus. Dr. Maraio much more involved with my health than any other doctor I've seen!" - Sherryl R.

"Thank you for your professional approach. You have a golden touch of kindness sprinkled richly with your golden professionalism. With love, Sally."

"Our family has been coming to see Dr. Maraio for several years. We have refered many friends to her. She has never let us down. We love that she has always taken the time to see us (all of us) and has always addressed ALL of our concerns (valid or not). We have never felt rushed and we have always had her undivided attention. We are very much grateful for all her help.

There is no comparing! [Dr. Maraio to other doctors.] Although we have insurance, we prefer to continue to see Dr. Maraio. The respect and attention we have received from her cannot be compared to any other doctor.

Our family will continue to see her forever! :)" -Dennis & Tania L.

"Very pleasant esperience. Dr. Maraio was very thorough, attentive, patient, understanding & took the time to get to know me, answer my questions & make sure I understood the process & healing plan. I'm happy that I'm not leaving with a prescription for antibiotics & wondering what's wrong with me.

Dr. Maraio not only took the time to get to know me & understand my needs and expectations, but to also give her own history & background. I felt she truly cared about me & healing me from within. I dislike how "regular" doctors want you in & out quickly without regard to your real underlying issues & hope the antibiotics they prescribe did the trick and they won't have to deal with you again until next time, and I leave feeling more confused & helpless." -Katherine T.

"Really good. Everything. Long and good. Really great!" -Dennis L.

"Great visit. Dr. Maraio spends a lot of time going over problems -- explains well and gives suggestions on how to proceed. Highly recommend Dr. Maraio for any problems. Dr. Maraio spends time, listens, doesn't rush you in & out. She has western cures as well as holistic, treats the whole body." -Robin V.

"Dr. Maraio is amazing. When I first came in to see her was for weight loss, but what I found out was that my hormones were off. Over time we got to balance the hormones and I was able to not only lose weight but be a balanced individual. She will listen to the entire problem and not cut you short. She shows genuine concern." -Jeannie R.

"She is so thorough & helps me connect all the dots, to see the whole. She delves into the relationship between all aspects that factor into health & wholeness." -Deb S.

"Very positive. Addressed major concerns. Helpful. Dealt w/ all my complainings. She take time to really evaluate the situation. Never says 'it's in your head.' Provides multiple solutions. CARES." -Patrisha K.

"Great respect of good health after a couple of years of balancing everything. Dr. M is very empathetic, wise, and a real investigator. She includes you in the improvement plan, taking note of how you are reacting to everything. She sees the whole person, emotional, physical and spiritual aspects." -Ellen C.

"I LOVE my visits with Dr. Maraio. She cares. She's thorough. She's knowledgabe. I feel seen, heard and loved. I know that my health will continue to improve with her help and guidance. I've only known chiropractors and one other D.O. that are as caring. Dr. Maraio is my favorite of them all." -Nolene S.

"She made me feel like I wasn't crazy for doubting, questioning and challenging traditional medicine. Her philosophy and practice is such a breath of fresh air. She wants to heal the person, not make a symptom go away. The in-depth questions and amount of time with her today was vital to finding the root of my ailment. NO doctor has ever spent that amount of time on me. I appreciate her honesty, tenacity and passion for "true" medicine. You can't compare [to other docs]. She is on a separate scale when it comes to doctors. She is not insurance driven or pharmaceutically pressured, so she heals from the heart out." -Stacey T.

"Great! Very thorough. More time & detail [than other docs]." -Judy F.

"My visit was excellent. Her assessment is holistic and thorough. She is intelligent and kind. She has knowledge & abilities that exceed other practitioners." -Robin D.

"Very interesting experience. She obviously knows a great deal about homeopathy. I look forward to working with her to optimize my health. She listens and asks lots of questions then comes up with doable solutions. There is no comparison between how Dr. M conducts an appointment and doctors I have seen who all work in the Scripps system. They are rushed and sometimes not even sure of your health history." -Judith T.

"Since going into private practice [vs HMO], Dr. Maraio has been able to allow a full hour to each visit. After years of medication for various issues she has been able to find safer methods of lowering my blood pressure, fine tuning thyroid & managing cholesterol. She sees me as a whole person and addresses each part of my life as it pertains to myy general well-being. By the time I enter her office, she has reviewed my labs and history and wastes no time going over my file in front of me. I leave with her notes written out for my files & with knowledge of what is my next course of action. She is a caring, thoughtful medical practitioner.

[Regarding other docs:] For example: My last visit with my primary care physician: Issue: severe knee joint pain. Doctor enters room, stands by the door reading my file. Asks me what is wrong. I tell him. Doctor: "You have arthritis; you're 71." Me: "How do you know?" Doctor: "It's obvious. Here's an Rx for Celebrex." Doctor leaves w/o examining my knee or looking me in the eye.

What I like [about other docs]: help w fees from insurance. What I don't like: Impersonal factory--like interaction: "Do as I say" attitude rather than a collaborative one." -Pamela L.

"Dr. Maraio always makes me feel like I matter. She has a genuine concern for my health and well-being. She has gotten my hormones in check and has given me my "life back!" I love her heart and all that she does for those in her life. AMAZING WOMAN! AMAZING DOCTOR! Unlike any other! She takes the time--even if somebody is waiting, although it is hard being the one waiting when it's an hour wait and I've taken time off work... :-) (I say that lovingly.) I like that she doesn't just give me a "standard pill" but seeks to find the best method of care. My other docs give the quick, generic pill and answers." Darci L.

"Dr. Maraio is very knowledgeable on how to best help you with your situation. She was able to tell me things that I knew about myself but never gave much thought to. She also knew what to do, how to best help me so that I could eventually get off all my medication. I am so very grateful for her knowledge & expertise. She really cares to treat the problem & get down to the root of why your body is reacting the way it is instead of medicating you to just mask the real issue. I also really appreciate how she truly cares to spend the time with you to help with your health & well-being." -Kara H.

"I like that Dr. Maraio is thorough. Dr. Maraio gets to the root of the problem and is open and honest about possible solutions. I like that I am not rushed. I also lke that other things get addressed in addition to my intended visit." -Cynthia H.

"Great! She always takes the time with me to get to the bottom of any issues I may be having. I feel that she cares for her patients & does more than any other docotr I have ever been to, to get results. I feel that there is a genuine care for each patient's outcome & that we are not just a number that helps to get a daily quota." -Marcia L.

"I love Dr. Maraio; she is a bundle of energy and love. I appreciate her knowledge and respect her suggestions. I am certain the recommendations she is suggesting for me will enhance my health. Dr. Maraio is a dedicated doctor and I thank her for her time and expertise. I am certain Dr. Maraio has my best health interest at heart. She is a passionate healter and my life is enhanced by her care." -Sally C.

"Lots of information - can be confusing. Hard to digest all at once. Dr. Maraio does take a lot of time, which I like. Dr. Maraio takes the time to check the whole body & come up with solutions - very compassionate." -Michele G.

"Amazing! How wonderful to have a doctor who genuinely cares! She doesn't compare! She's amazing and I'm very grateful to have found her." -Joelle O.

"I am very happy to come here because I have been feeling much better. The time with her was great and very informative. I felt as if she really listening to my concerns. The attention I received is amazing. I love the welcoming feeling." -Martha M.

"I left the visit with a plan on items I could add to my regimen that would improve my health. She answered all my questions. She was very pleasant, not pushy--allowing me autonomy. Most doctors follow a script--they all sound the same & are finished in 15 minutes." -Irene J.

"LOVELY! Love the new office. Lab results are good and in line w/ what I'm feeling/observing. She reminds me of the doctor my mom and dad both used to see in Los Angeles when I was a child. You had to wait a bit, but you always felt like she was so present with you and was so caring." -Alexandria C.

"I had a very nice visit with Dr. Maraio! She gave me extensive details regarding my lab results. She's very encouraging and I love her positive energy/vibes." -Z.A.

"Dr. Maraio always takes time to truly understand my concerns and changes. She uses a great variety of tools to find answers to my health issues. Other doctors just look at lab results. They miss the big picture." -Ellen C.

"My visit was beautifully healing, as always. I love her healing hugs. Emotional, spiritual, physical focus is just what the doctor ordered. I love the way in which she asks me to take responsibility for my own health. She makes me connect to slef and source. Also insight for my children is much appriciated. Dr. Maraio treats my whold body--every system--plus spirit--this makes her an extraordinary sort of doctor. Most docs I've seen don't educate themselves outside of the system in which they were trained. Dr. Maraio treats the whold person, is open-minded, and is extremely knowledgable in many aspects of health and healing. She bridges the gap between Eastern and Western medicine. Love it!" -Kim F.

"Great visit! I like that she doesn't push you to take anything. She respects your feelings. She spends time with you. Other doctors push drugs and can't spend enough time with you." -Helen P.

"Excellent. Dr. Maraio is thorough, thoughtful and particularly good at zeroing in on patient concerns. Dr. Maraio spends much more time than other doctors. You never feel rushed, she seems genuinely concerned about your welfare." -Wendy O.

"I very much enjoyoed my visit with Dr. Maraio. She was very easy to talk to & I was amazed at the information that I received." -Ellie N.

"I've never met a Doctor who is so willing to dig deep to find creative solutions. Most are inclined to sugest medication or surgery; stifling the symptom or cutting out the problem, rather than addressing the core issue. She is different that way. She will spend hours going over your history, looking for patterns and timelines that tie together what you have gone through with what you are currently experiencing. She has had a huge, positive impact on my outlook and my health. I would highly recommend her. She is not only an educated physician, but a highly intuitive and gifted healer." -Carlyle C.

"Dr. Maraio is a kind heart! Very compassionate, her depth of knowledge will blow your mind! She does whatever is necesary for her Patients, I worked in her office for a while and she is the only doctor i want to ever go to... She knows her stuff!! 
The Rangel of Patients that she see vary From Young men and  Women to the elderly.  And she knows bio identical hormones like no other! I have all my friends going to her! Now, she won't roll over and give you a prescription unless she is certain that you need them,  that's where the disgrental reviews come from! She goes above and beyond what you think you need!! I love dr. M. Many of her patients call her dr. Love!!!
I have seen Dr. M. save so many people's lives!!!" -Diana R.

"I absolutely LOVE Dr. Maraio.  She spends quality time with each patient which means you may have a long wait but it's worth it. I would recommend her to anyone." -Vanessa V.

"I have had several health issues over the years and I have been to many doctors, but I have never encountered one like Dr. Maraio. She is the first doctor that I have been to that sincerely cares about her patients, takes the time to fully explain her diagnosis, and takes the time to answer all your questions. It's not "here's what's wrong with you" and rush you out the door like most physicians. She is an example of what ever doctor should strive to become.

You can tell she hand picks all of her staff and they are a highly skilled team that's main goal is your health, satisfaction and smile on your face when you leave. Here policies are well posted and explained to you when you make your appointments. Upon request, they will give you a copy of all your labs and a copy of her recommendations for you to take with you for your own records.

I would not be as healthy, knowledgeable about my body and happy as I am today, without her amazing medical care. Dr. Maraio is an amazing person and an even more amazing doctor. I would highly recommend her to anyone and couldn't even imagine why anyone else would see another doctor after one visit. Thank you Dr. Maraio for everything you do and God bless." -Lance R.

"Dr. Maraio:

I just want to express my appreciation to you for your kindness and consideration. You have always been very considerate of us and we are very grateful!

Warmly, Yvonne"

"Wonderful Doctor! Love what she does and who she is!" -Andi L.

"Well, I know Dr. Maraio for 3 moths. She is treat me with a menopause boal sintomes. I'm feeling 90% bettery every day. I'm happy. I use to have so much problems with pain and mood change. I'm better and better. I looked for long time for a Dr. like her. She is the best. Love her." -Carmen P.

[editor's note: Dr. Maraio has a sizable and loyal Hispanic population.]

"Dear Dr. Maraio:

You are the most knowledgeable, personable and generous person I have ever met!

I know God brought us together and am so thankful!

Looking forward to our next appointment.

Thank you."

-Shanon K.

"May God continue to bless you in all areas of your life. Thank you so much for turning my life around. I am in the best health and conitinuing to get better. With deep gratitude." -Maria S.

"Dr. Maraio:

You bring the palate of mind, body, spirit into a focus full of possibility -- spectrum flush with colors of hope, purpose and loving intention. I am grateful thank God for marking my path to cross such a healer as you! God keep you." -Marla

"Dear Dr. Maraio:

I am reminded that it truly is the people in this world that make the experience worthwhile.

Thank you for taking the time to visit with me today. I appreciate the focused attention you showed for my concerns and feel a renewed desire to achieve better health." -K.A.

"Dear Dr. Maraio:

Thank you for going "above and beyond" with me and Wayne yesterday. He really liked you and felt comfortable talking to you from his heart, which I thought was sweet. You're "good people." -Bev M.

"Dr. Maraio, Colby, Heather and Sunny:

I just want to thank you all for the amazing care and support you have given me over the last 3 years. I am so grateful to have been able to meet all of you and to have been able to rely on you for everything, large and small, that I have needed. Dr. Maraio, there is no one else like you and I am so sad that you will no longer be the person I get to see every few months! Thank you for helping me become a better person, physically and mentally. I will never forget it!

Love, and good luck to you all."

-Holly U.

".. for the office visit on .... It was very helpful, and encouraging. In 50 years, you are, at last, a primary care doctor knowledgable in a broad range of both tradition & alternative care. Looking forward to our next visist." -Bonnie H.

"Good. She always takes the time to really understand. I always feel like she is really going to help me. She cares. I always feel comfortable coming to her." -Bianca R.

"My time was very interesting and informational. I have hope that my thyroid and wight issues will be resolved with diagnosis and treatment. I like the combination of traditional and non-traditional approaches." -Susan F.

"I was very lucky to find Dr. Maraio. Not only she listens to your concerns, but you are not a number for her. You are a person that she is taking care of. I had to move out of state and I could only be so lucky to find someone like her. I strongly recommend Dr. Maraio. She will find the best way to treat you; she will not send you home with lots of pills. She will find the source of your illness and fix it the natural way. Thank you Dr. Maraio. You are the best." -Noemi S.

"I am 83 years old and have had many different experience with doctors during my lifetime. I have never seen such dedication and had no idea someone like her could exist. Her warm and tender demeanor is like no other. She takes time to listen and really cares about you. She goes over and beyond the call of duty. She is extrordinary and I have been blessed to be under her care. Other doctors I've dealt with made me feel like a number. They were always rushed and never willing to look at the whole picture like Dr. maraio does. Thank you." -Mary G.

"Wow!!! Where do we begin. Dr. Maraio is more thorough than any physician whom we have EVER come in contact. She has a most caring spirit and gives 110% to her patients right from the first moment of the appointment. We are grateful for being lead to Dr. Maraio. She has diagnosed us with major health issues that have gone unnoticed by previous PCPs. We both feel we are in the best hands and have confidence about our future care." -Peggy & Kathy

"I'll come in on any day for an appointment with Dr. Maraio! She listens and looks beyond the obvious to get to the root of the problem!" -Anne P.

"Since seeing Dr. Maraio I feel twenty years younger. My diet is under control. My energy level has drastically improved. Thank you!" -P. Ford

"Dr. Maraio is like no other doctor I've ever been to. She spent over an hour with me on my first visit and was so thorough with all of my history. She connected things that other doctors never paid attention to. With Dr. Maraio's help and the hlep of her HCG formulation, I have lost 55 lbs and it has changed my life. I breathe better, have more energy, I sleep better, have learned how to eat healthy and my migraines are gone!!! Enjoying life so much more! Other doctors goave 10 minute office visits and rushed me out othe door. I was told I would lose weight if I just ate right and exercised." -Delia K.

"I've never felt so well taken care of. I waited three months for this appointment and it was worth the wait!" -Jacqueline H.

"My recent experience with Dr. Maraio was very pleasant. She was very thorough, compassionate and knowledgeable regarding lab results and preventative care. Her supportive staff excelled in answering my questions and in making sure future appointments were set. My entire family is very fortunate thus far in choosing Dr. Maraio and staff!" -Sochie S.

"Dr. Maraio is unlike any other doctor I have been to. After years of elevated liver enzymes, the labs show they are in the normal range now. She spends as much time with you as it takes to help you. I am totally pleased with her very thorough care and compassionate understanding." -C.R.

"Dr. Maraio is my mother's doctor, and I do not live in the area which is why I did not rate all of the items. But regardless of the "convenience" ratings, Dr. Maraio is doing a fantastic job of making sure my 88 year-old mother is doing as well as she can. Dr. Maraio pays attention to detail and has a broad knowledge base. She has helped my mother through medicinal side-effects, a TIA, and currently through recovering from hip replacement surgery. I am thrilled that my mother has a medical professional of the cailber of Dr. Maraio." -Bob E.

"When Dr. Maraio asked me how I was feeling, she really listened. Not only did she help me with my pain, she addressed other health issues, some that I thought were just a part of aging, and others that I didn't even know were abnormal. After just a few months, I no longer have to take pain medication, have lost a significant amount of weight, have more energy and feel years younger. I didn't know I could feel so good! Dr. Maraio is one of those rare doctors who finds and treats the cause, not just symptoms. I see her immense dedication and passion as she contemplates what's really going on within the body, and am amazed at the effectiveness of her treatment plans." -Judy E.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you. You're the best! Thank you so much for your time and your patience! I really appreciate it!" -Cristina B.

"Dr. Maraio puts passion back into the practice of medicine. She always takes all the time necessary to completely review all of your lab work, reviews the history of your medical problems and isolates your medical problems, and not just the symptoms. And her medical treatment interventions work. I've been sick for 30 years, and Dr. Maraio was the first Doctor to actually help me.

Other doctors usually spend 5-10 minutes with you and write a prescription and send you on your way. Other doctors do not take the time to truly find out what your medical problems are." -Bette C.

"There are no words to thank you for the love and care you showed our mom. You are our blessing for keeping our mother's health and wellbeing a priority. May God bless your practice abundantly." -Ginny W.

"This is the way medicine should be practiced! Dr. Maraio is doing real medicine. If you ever need a nurse in your office, I'd love to work for her." -Charlene Anderson (TCMC Board of Directors)

"My name is Suzanne M. I have been with Sharp's Insurance for 5-1/2 years. I have been seen by so many doctors in that period of time, that they are too numerous to mention. I have an uncontrolled diabetes problem. Dr. Gina Maraio is one of my new Doctors. In that 5-1/2 years I can truthfully say she is the only one that has taken a different approach to my problems and actually come up with solutions that work.

Thanks to her extensive (1 hr) interview with me she came up with a different approach to find out why the diabetes was so out of whack. Thanks again to her intuitive staff I lost 13 lbs in 3 weeks. Something the dieticians were unable to help me with.

Special Doctors were called in because of the findings of the extensive blood tests Dr. Maraio insisted on doing. No other Dr. in the 5-1/2 years ever inquired as to my well being. They didn't take the time!!

Bottom line - Customer, patient, whatever you want to call me, I have been dissatisfied for 5-1/2 years until now. Dr. Maraio cares about the whole picture. Not just what is ailing you today.

We have, as a country, a new Health Care Reform in the works. I suggest our President interview Dr. Gina Maraio. She can help revamp the system by actually caring for the whole patient. This in the long run would save a lot of time and money.

I could go on and on. But time is money. Get the pun?


-Suzanne M.

"My visit with Dr. Maraio was perfect. I'm very happy about the treatments she prescribes. I've never felt better in my 69 years of life. She's given me confidence and reassurance I never had before." -Catharine D.

"Dr. Maraio was very thorough and caring!

She took the time to explain all the procedures she did and was going to do on me. She explained what needed to be done in the future and how long it might take to return to good health.

Other doctors were in and out, not personal and not caring."

-Richard M.

"She is absolutely amazing. She gets to the bottom of what is making me ill. Very caring!" -Shelli L.

"I found Dr. Maraio when we lived in Fallbrook for a year. When I see Dr. Maraio I truly feel she is interested in my healing and is willing to listen to my input as I do a lot of research on health. The relationship feels more like a team than Doctor/patient. She has a wide ranged knowledge of not only regular medical but also is more holistic. I don't mind driving 1-1/2 hours to see her since we moved. There is no way I will look for another Doc near my new location in the mountains.

I saw my doctor at previous address in Ventura for 15 years. He was highly educated but had a big ego. Over the years I trained him to look at natural cures. I needed an endocrinologist then. Wish I had known Dr. Maraio even then."

-Sheila O.

"I just want to say that NEVER in my life have I EVER left a doctor's office feeling SO encouraged! Dr. Maraio is a TRUE BLESSING! Her knowledge, compassion & integrity come through in the first couple minutes you meet with her. She truly makes you feel like you couldn't be in any better hands, because you couldn't! I have multiple health issues right now & after meeting with Dr. Maraio I have the hope I have desperately needed after a period of multiple life altering events including a traumatic brain injury. Anyway, Praise God for Dr. Maraio!! One more thing is the way you know she truly cares about you is real & genuine & it shines through!

I haven't really had any "BAD" experiences which actually sets Dr. Maraio apart in an even bigger way because she is above & beyond even the good experiences I've already had." -Teresa M.

“Waiting room A+ with massage chair. Dr. Maraio was precise & caring. Made sure we both understood & gave full instruction on follow-up.” Other doctors? “OK, but not as thorough & not giving full instructions on follow-up.”  -Carl G.

“First impression was very good, starting with the waiting room and massaging chair. Doctor Maraio was very thorough and made sure we understood everything upon leaving. Supplied us with complete instructions.” Other doctors? “OK but not thorough or responsive to your smaller concerns.”  -Yoshiko G.

“Yes, men can see a female doctor. She is great!” Other doctors? “Bad!”  -Chris M.

“I have talked about Dr. Maraio all over town, all good! Takes lots of time with me. Very likeable. Has taken good care of me. Lucky to have her. She has lots of knowledge and is very smart and thorough.”  Other doctors: “Not enough time with us. Most are very curt.”  -John G.

"Dr. Maraio has been a Godsend to me and to my family. She's like a small-town doctor that has known you all your life. She has ordered tests for me that are so important to my physical care and feeling that are unheard of from any other care that I have received. To look me straight in the eyes and explain everything in laymen's terms is what I consider is coming from a doctor who really cares about my health! And, as my daughter said, 'Dr. Maraio moves mountains to get you the care you need'."
Other Doctors: "Short, 10 minute appointments! I could not begin to find out about more than one ailment at a time. They all seemed to just order more prescription drugs." -Ruth H.

"We truly appreciate everything you have done for us... You are a very special physician and we are blessed to have you come into our lives... You are the Best! May God bless you and your family in the new year... " -Michael & Bette C.

"I first met Dr. Maraio in the parking lot at the hospital, as I was going to a meeting. I have been very stressed and feeling ill with severe fatigue and pain of fibromyalgia. The doctor quickly and compassionately confirmed my own feelings about what was wrong and explained things in detail on a level I understood. I am hopeful that I will feel better with this treatiment, as it is tailor-made to my body's needs.

I have been fortunate to have had some of the best and most learned and compassionate practitioners. However, cookie-cutter, traditional western medicine is lacking and for me a dynamic, non-traditional approach is better, especially with medicines." -Charlene Anderson (Board of Directors, TCMC)

"I love Dr. Maraio. She actually listens to what I say. I feel better just talking to her about my problems, because I'm not embarrassed to tell her about the personal side. See Dr. Maraio. You'll feel better. -Jewell R.

"About 7 months ago I wasn't feeling well all around. I went to my regular doctor and was told everything was fine. Not believing this, I heard about Dr. Maraio. After seeing her one time I found out I had two ear infections, my cholesterol was high and several other problems. She is the greatest. She took extra time with me and explained everything and I walked away with a sense of success. I have continued to feel good ever since that day. Knowing my doctor has compassion & the knowledge to treat me is a peace of mind I've never had before. Other doctors were always rushed, had quick explanations and remedies. God Bless Dr. Maraio." -Lance R.

"Dr. Maraio has helped my health so much. I feel 20 years younger. I have my life back, because she got to the root of my problem. Other doctors didn't stay with the problem and try to figure it out." -Linda G.

"Dr. Maraio is unlike any Dr. I have ever been to. She takes the time to talk about everything that may be causing you ill health or increased stress. She also reviews and follows up on progress you have made. On every visit she covers all organs, systems, relations, attitudes, supports etc. Dr. Maraio addresses the whole person. You even get full body relaxation in her massage chair, with soothing music every visit."
As for other doctors: "They treat only one problem hou have that day, as though it was a 10 minute emergency visit. They rarely ask and follow-up on past problems." -Sonja N.

"Dr. Maraio helped me when my ObGyn couldn't. After being on birth control pills for several months, not solving my problems, her natural treatment helped me right away!" -Lillie S.

"The changing Dr. Maraio has been making is right on! Probably she has saved my life. Her concern for me is 100%. She's the best doctor I have ever met. Her calls on every event have been perfect. I'm doubly impressed." -Byron J.

"By the way, I am feeling great and appreciate your helping me with not only my thyroid but perimenopause." -Leslie K.

"I also want to thank you from my heart for your compassionate listening, tender care, and big heart!! You are making a positive difference in my well being...in my life.
With thanks and love, "

"Best experience I have ever had. Dr. Maraio was so patient, knowledgeable, and kind. I felt so welcomed. Other doctors were always in a rush and never had a confident answer." - G. V.

"Dear Dr. Maraio,
Just a quick note to let you know how blessed we are that you are our mom's doctor. I'm sure you just have to laugh when you see us coming...
We took my mom to Ciao's and loved it; what a deal the buffet is! Delicious; and they had my favorite soup too. My mom loved the cannoli and they gave her a piece of tiramisu for her birthday; really sweet, she felt very special.
It's hard watching my mom's weight loss and memory fade, but God has blessed us with her good health all these years. She is a testimony to exercise and good eating habits; she played weekly tournament doubles tennis til she was 82 and is a life time member of the Women's Tennis Club; go figure, I sure didn't take after her in either category.
I pray for your practice and you. My sister and I always look forward to chatting and laughing with you.
Thank you for the restaurant recommendation and for putting up with the "zany sisters!"
Warmest regards, 
-Ginny W, daughter of A.S."

"I was referred to Dr. Maraio by the compounding pharmacy in Oceanside. I was experiencing menopausal symptoms: fatigue, mood swings, hot flashes & night sweats. I was currently under the care of an internist for thyroid issues--hypothyroidism. Dr. Maraio thoroughly investigated and spent the needed time with me to correct my imbalances. I am now on BioIdentical Hormone Replacement Therapy along with thyroid medication--and I feel wonderful.
Previous doctors seemed to ignore my symptoms. They diagnosed through blood tests and treated me by "usual numbers." I was not treated as an individual. Dr. Maraio treats individuals!" - Jennifer P.

"Dr. Maraio has helped me so much. I feel like I have my life back again. She has helped my health return to normal. My hormones were really affecting my health. Now, I feel lke a new person! Thank you to Dr. Maraio. 
Other doctors just don't seem to give me the extra cre and concern to actually take care of some of my health problems."-Linda G.

"I am so happy! As a registered nurse, I have been given the run-around in the past by my physicians. Since I have been with Dr. Maraio (5 mos.) I have lost 55 lbs; my thyroid is regulated; my cholesterol is in "poster girl" figures; I feel wonderful. I no longer have insomnia. I have referred several friends to Dr. Maraio. I love her.
Other doctors at first refused to place me on Armour Thyroid. When Dr. Z placed me on Armour he cut my dose. I was sick and in myxedema prior to seeing Dr. Maraio." -Teresa M.

"Finally a doctor who uses both natural approaches to medicine and prescriptions if I need them. She has a long intake form but it is well worth it because she takes the time to see how it all fits together. She is the best doctor I have ever been to - and one "smart cookie" too! She figured out my medical problems and started fixing them in 3 visits! I never felt stupid for asking questions and she took the time I needed. Now I feel and look younger I've lost weight and am no longer depressed and in pain all the time. What a refreshing change! -Mae E.

"The care and treatment I have received with the doctor has been priceless. At the age of 29 I had a lot of pains and physical issues. The doc took the time and looked into my medical history to determine my current medical needs. Her kind words and knowledge have helped me examine my health status and my outlook on my life.
In the last year I had seen 3 doctors in the Oceanside area. Recently at a weight loss clinic a doctor suggested to stop my current medications for anxiety and depression and take the current weight loss meds provided. Bad idea coming from another doctor! 
With Dr. Maraio's help I'm OK with my current medication." -L. Chatman

"It's amazing how I have changed in the last 3 months 'Thanks To Dr. Maraio.' I've lost weight, am feeling great and getting better every day! 
She asks the right questions and I'm just shocked that she 'Thinks' to ask!
There's no comparison to other doctors! The time she spends with her patients: No other doctor has been as attentive plain and simple." -Terry G.

"My menopause was getting worse -- more hot flashes, anxiety, insomnia, etc. Dr. Maraio was very compassionate & caring. I feel so much better today. I am so relieved. Dr. Maraio is so good about spending time with you & getting to the root of the problem. Sometimes doctors don't spend enough time, don't explain things well or don't get to the root of the problem." -Linda G.

"My visits, from day one, have been the very best and more than I have eer experienced and I'm now 73 years old. Dr. Maraio's care, compassion, knowledge and treatment are above and beyond any words that I can express! Now I look forward to my visits to see such a wonderful doctor and friend. Other doctors? They took no time and I always felt like there was no caring involved." -Patty C.

"Dr. Maraio is so compassionate, understanding and knowledgeable! She takes the time we women need to understand our problems! I've only been with her one month and I've already sent three friends to her...and they love her, too. There is no comparison to other doctors!" -Terry G.

"I love her! She brightens my day. She is a sweetheart; I love coming to this office. When I changed insurance carriers I made sure I can see Dr. Maraio." -Kenneth M.

"Dr. Maraio's atmosphere in her office, professionalism, and dedication to thoroughly addressing the problem, is unmatched. I had sought medical help previously with no resolution. Dr. Maraio took the time to piece together the whole picture. Thanks.
Dr. Maraio's skill and commitment to taking enough time to get all the information; my problem is solved. I am symptom-free and my quality of life has improved remarkably. Dr. Maraio's medical approach should be imitated everywhere." -G. N.

"Dr. Maraio's treatment for my disease is something that my last three doctors have failed to follow through on--treatments such as vitamin shots, vitamins, and full blood work up. It has made me thankful. Dr. Maraio seems to be compassionate and to really help me medically. There is not enough room to write about the overworked, under-paid doctors, or to totally complain about them." -Steven H.

"She is very thorough. I didn't get this kind of treatment at Kaiser." -Ronald W.

"I just love that she truly listens to you. "I told you I wasn't crazy," speaking to my husband." -Elizabeth N.

"Dear Dr. Maraio & Staff:
I want you to know how very much I appreciate you and the work you do. Many blessings and gratitude."  -Miriam M.

"Dr. Maraio listened calmly and treated me with respect. I feel she will identify my problem my other doctor created when he performed surgery. She REALLY was thorough and kind. Sunny was very professional, reassuring and helpful also. I am encouraged by my first visit. My other doctors were horrible and uncaring." - Judy T.

"When I first met Dr. Maraio, I was in a lot of pain. I had been to the ER twice and seen several other doctors. Upon meeting Dr. Maraio I knew she would help me to get better and find the source of my pain. I have been her patient for about two months and she has me using the bio-medical cream. [BHRT] I feel great; I have no pain, no need for endless pain pills anymore. Her care for her patients is something I have never experienced with a doctor. She is very thorough in getting your history, and she generally cares for your well-being. I could say more, but I am out of room on the paper.
My experience with past doctors, were always looking for the quick fix, they only wanted to focus on your illness you have now, not the entire picture. It was very frustrating." -Jennifer A.

"After having had lifelong health problems, Hypoglycemia, several surgeries and 33 years of CFIDS-ME (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome), Multiple Chemical and Electromagnetic Hypersensitivities, chronic systemic vasculitis, brain fog, digestive problems, Fibromyalgia and insomnia, it is comforting to have Dr. Maraio as my physician. 
Her willingness to take the time and listen, to be open to my suggestions and to do research to find a solution is most helpful after hearing "it's all in your head" from doctors so many time.
Though not all problems may be solved from the medical standpoint, her belief in a Higher Healing Power makes her very dear to me.
Thank you for our patience, Dr. Maraio!" -Ingrid G.

"Dr. Maraio is very compassionate. I am not only a patient of hers, I feel like she's a close friend. She's very attentive to my every need.
With my other doctors I've had to rush to the appointment, sit for an hour, maybe two, and then get sent on my way in less than 12 minutes when the doctor sees me." - Ashley R.

"I accompanied my wife, Carolyn, to her office visits with Dr. Maraio. Carolyn and I are senior citizens and have had several doctors in our lives. Dr. Maraio has treated Carolyn for fibromyalgia, polymyalgia, and osteoarthritis. Because the conditions had persisted for several years even while being treated by other doctors, her recovery is slow but steady. Carolyn is basically pain free now for the first time in ten years, and this improvement has occurred over just the last ten weeks since Carolyn has been seeing Dr. Maraio. Dr. Maraio treated Carolyn with bio-identical hormones in combination with other conventional treatments, and this comprehensive therapy has worked well. I'm so impressed with the results that I switched to Dr. Maraio to be my primary care physician. I wouldn't normally consider selecting a woman doctor for myself, but Dr. Maraio is just too good of a doctor to pass up. So, to you guys out there, I say, if you want
the best doctor around, it's Gina Maraio." -Larry J.

"This is my first time to see a doctor like Dr. Maraio. She's very compassionate and smart. She's the only doctor who paid close attention to my pain and actually tried to cure it. She believed what I said and I'm so glad she listens. I feel very confident with her. She's the best doctor I've ever had." - Lourdes V.

"Dr. Maraio has spent more time with me than all other doctors combined. She is persistent and determined to solve a problem, not just masking symptoms with drugs. I truly appreciate her time and effort and have referred several people to her. Previous doctors just gave me lots of prescriptions with very little explanation." -Kathy P.

"I had my illusions of assembly line medicine shattered the day I met my new PCP, Dr. Maraio. Gone was the hard, impossibly uncomfortable examining table. In its place is a room filled with ambience and relaxation, rivaled only by Dr. Maraio's calm, soothing demeanor. Her approach is tactful, yet direct, with an unwavering dedication to problem solving and setting up a workable plan of care. You don't even want to know about my experiences with other doctors. Needless to say, they dropped into a category with dentists and lawyers and a few elementary school teachers." -Mary Ann T.

"She has been taking care of pretty much all my problems. Even before I mention, she finds what she concern & tells me what I can do to improve naturally without taking medications. I feel much better and my life got better. Thank you, Dr. Maraio." -Sage L.

"Dr. Maraio is a very thorough doctor, and she's very comfortable to talk to." -Lita T.

"Today is my 3rd visit. So far, so good! I had been to several doctors and Dr. Maraio is the only one who takes time to listen. I strongly recommend her." -Melissa P.

"Dr. Maraio will address all your health concerns with great compassion, thorough testing, and great knowledge." -Ed D.

"I really enjoy being treated as a person and not just a number for the quota to be met. With my other doctors it was hard to make appointments and get the answers I wanted. Dr. Maraio makes my time important and gives a relaxed atmosphere to be treated." -Brett W.

"Dr. Maraio is a very nice person and a great doctor. She's very kind and caring. We went to another doctor and he did nothing for us. I have not had labs drawn for 6 years, until today. I hurt my knee and the other doctor would never even do an xray. Dr. Maraio has taken care of it all". -Darin B.

"Dr. Maraio diagnosed an illness I had for 2 years and my other doctor never even thought of it. He kept saying it was mental." -Barbara K.

"I would like to express my joy in finding Dr. Maraio! I've found a doctor who applies her knowledge with a great deal of understanding. She listens and shares with her patients the best treatment for each of your health issues. I can't express what a great feeling it is to feel so good about your doctor. I would refer any of my family or friends to her. She works hard to find the proper treatment for your healthcare. I had previously felt unhappy and dissatisfied with my other doctor. I had seen the doctor over 10 years and never felt my health issues taken care of." -Anna B.

"How wonderful! From the first minute to the last, I felt like my care was the only order of business. A totally new experience in a doctor's office!" -Deb W.

"I've never connected with a doctor like this before. She takes a lot of time with me and seems really interested." -Bernice L.

"I just love her! I wouldn't consider going anywhere else, now that I've met Dr. Maraio. She's fantastic. She has a wonderful personality and she's so good with her patients. She is so open to explaining things. She has such and understanding of her patient's wishes." -Margret W.

"I cannot thank you enough for all you have done for me over the past year. You are one of the kindest people I have ever met. Your caring spirit is felt by everyone in the room. Patients have raved about you and love you. You never seem rushed. You have this way of making whoever you are talking to feel like you genuinely care about them. So many people have told me that there should be more doctors like you--and I certainly agree. You are a treasure." -Jean R.

"It's like no doctor's visit I've ever had before." -Emily F.

"Dear Dr. Cool:
It's all in the name. 
Thank you so very much, Dr. Maraio, for helping me beat this craziness. As funny as it sounds, I'm glad I got sick when I did. Meeting you made it all worthwhile.
Thanks again,"
-Ziad D.

"Dear Dr Maraio,
I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the care you gave to Doris L-----. You were always so very kind and caring. I realized you were very busy, but each and every time you came to see Doris you make me feel as if she were the only one you were taking care of. Your devotion to your job was truly evident with the loving compassion you showed.
I also want to thank you for teaching me how to take care of Doris and for being there for me with all the phone calls I made to you. I have told everyone about you and Hospice. I know Doris was very grateful to all of you. Her last months were made comfortable because of you. I know Doris is looking down of each of you, thanking you for every thing you did for her. You are truly the Angels of this world.
Rosemarie, Doug & Doug Sr.

"Dear Dr. Maraio,
First & foremost we would like to thank you for giving us a beginning in hospice services. 
In the little time I spent with you I was truly inspired by a practitioner that really cares about the people she interacted regardless of external factors. We hope that multitudes of people find their way into your office so they truly can experience quality health-care. If there's anything we can do for you in the futures please let us know.
Sincerely, "
David Sedrek & Med-Rx Healthmart Pharmacy

"Dear Dr. Maraio:
You are simply a dream physician, caring, imaginative and knowledgeable, with fabulous hair!
Your curls suit you perfectly as you are truly an angel. 
Thank you a million."
-Darlain C.